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The Chairman of Government of the Republic of Dagestan Hamidov A.M.

On Sunday, the Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan Hamidov A.M. visited the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Dagestan "The Palace of Sports and Youth named after Ali Aliyev" and checked the progress of preparations for the European Championship in freestyle wrestling. On the whole, the President of the Government made a positive assessment of the preparations for the European Championships and made a number of comments that will speed up the pace of organizational and technical measures and finish all preparatory work on time. These are comments made by the commission of the international federation (United World of Fighting UWW Europe) regarding the sport complex. For the premises that host the championship, there are their own standards that need to be met. In the hall itself, conditions will be created in accordance with world standards for the judiciary board and the media. Will be put in order and on the territory behind the building of the complex: here it should be nice and cozy. The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Minister of Physical Culture and Sport Magomedov M.U.


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